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Are underserved populations left out of the digital access equation due to the lack of digital literacy and access to basic technologies?   How can we bring public services equity when disparities to access abound within certain socioeconomic groups?

In this whitepaper, we explore the ability of individuals to effectively access, understand, and utilize digital technologies and information within the context of public health and education.  Digital access is not only key but education, training and additional assistance for.  We also showcase the Portuguese national healthcare service SNS (Servico Nacional de Saúde) and how they have mitigated some of the most pressing access and coverage challenges.

Availability: February 2024
Advancing AI in Healthcare

How will the continuous technology progress and development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to impact the healthcare industry?

This whitepaper encompasses the exploration, implementation, and optimization of AI solutions across various aspects of healthcare systems, including clinical practice, research, administration, and patient engagement.

Availability: March 2024

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